I’m a bit late with this, but here it is! Last month, I put up a poll for Josei anime reccomendations, and this one came in first. So, without further ado, here’s my review of Princess Jellyfish!


Kurashita Tsukimi loves jellyfish to the point of obsession, which is why she can’t bear to see a jellyfish being mistreated in a local pet store. When the socially awkward Tsukimi fails to speak up for the jellyfish, a beautiful woman steps in, sparking the beginning of an extremely unlikely friendship.

Tsukimi and her nerdy friends (who are also her roommates) are swept off their feet by this newcomer in their lives. She’s everything they’re not: effortlessly stylish, incredibly confident, and a part of a social circle the girls only dream of joining. She might also not be quite what she seems to be…

With the help of her new friend, Tsukimi becomes confident enough to take on the world, protect her home from destruction, and attempt to achieve her life-long dream of becoming a designer. This little Kuragehime is on her way to becoming a queen.

No issues with the plot. I loved how it was mostly focused on developing Tsukimi as a person and helping her achieve her dreams.



I LOVED how the main character wasn’t just some generic shoujo/josei heroine. Watching Tsukimi deal with everyday life reminded me of myself. A LOT. All off the members of the Sisterhood kept me laughing throughout the whole anime. Honestly, there wasn’t a character that I didn’t like.

Favorite Character:

Kuranosuke Koibuchi

Image result for kuranosuke jellyfish princess

Although I loved everyone, Kuranosuke captivated me at first sight. His different personalities and styles really made my day. And when he started having feelings for Tsukimi, his denial and jealousy was soooo cute! Overall, he’s a really solid character. Plus, he looks fabulous in drag.


AWESOME. I do wish that we got a better ending though.


Ehhhhh. There were quite a few moments where the graphics looked kind of odd to me. Compared to the cover art, the actual animation was a huge dissapointment.

However, the facial expressions definitely deserve an A+.


I felt like Tsukimi was a cute little catterpillar who needed to be nurtured and guided so she could turn into a butterfly.


Unlike most anime, the herione wasn’t drop dead beautiful. Plus, the whole jellyfish this was definitely unique.


I don’t remember seeing much fanservice.


Loved the opening and the ending themes! I feel like both really captured the awkwardness and ridiculous humor of the anime.



Image result for kuranosuke jellyfish princess

Kuranosuke was beautiful at all times.


OH MY GOSH. This anime had me rolling on the floor in laughter. The situations Tsukimi gets herself into are a certified recipe for laughter.


I wanted Tsukimi and Kuranosuke to kiss SOOOO bad. As a result, seeing her with his brother pissed me off quite a bit.


Image result for kuranosuke jellyfish princess


Kuranosuke’s absolute diva-ness was totally badass.


I’m really glad that you guys reccommended this to me. Hand me the manga, because I need more!


This was a great anime to binge-watch and snort at. Honestly, I died of laughter while watching it. So if you’re looking for a ridiculous slice-of-life show that will make you laugh, Princess Jellyfish is a must-watch.

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Last month, I posted a poll to figure out which food-themed anime I should watch and review. The anime that received the most votes was Ben-to. As promised, here’s a review of November’s anime recommendation.


While innocently reaching for some half-priced bento, Yo Sato finds himself beaten up on the floor of a supermarket. He soon learns that getting half-priced bento is an all-out brawl between students. Yo is invited to the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club by one of the top fighters, Sen Yarizui, in order to train to compete in these battles.

I had little to no issues with the plot of this anime. In fact, I found it to be quite unique and interesting! This whole premise of teenagers fighting over half-priced food was too realistic. I felt like I could actually relate! At first, I thought this was going to be some generic harem anime about food, but I was definitely in for a surprise.

The anime itself was so interesting to me, I finished it in half a day! I also really liked the hidden meaning behind the whole “fighting over bento” thing.


The characters in this show were downright ruthless. Almost everyone knew how to fight, and boy did they fight!

I didn’t really like the twin sisters, though. They were too cocky and aggressive for me.

Favorite Character:

Satou Yo

Although his looks were kind of bland, Sato’s character more than made up for it. He was silly most of the time, but when he finally got the hang of the bento routine, he turned into a beast. Plus, I really loved how he embraced his perverted side and brought lots of humor to the show.


Pretty neat writing. I liked how the writers explained why the teens fight for half-priced bento and the real meaning behind it.


Meh, the at didn’t really impress me much.


It was the food. The food definitely sparked some feelings of strong affection from me.


Teenage students engaging in an all-out gang war over food? That’s as original as it gets.


Ookamitachi no Yoru – LIVE for LIFE


Sato was kinda cute, but other than that, there weren’t any guys that caught my attention.


The funniest part of this show is facing the reality of what’s going on here. These teenagers have started gangs and a making a huge spectacle. And what are they fighting for? FOOD. HALF PRICED FUCKING FOOD.

Sato was pretty hilarious too.


I felt major annoyance and disliking directed towards the twins.


Each character in this anime was a complete badass in their own way.


This has got to be the most pointless and ridiculous anime I’ve ever seen. But for some reason…..



Seriously, it’s a great show to watch if you’re in the mood for a good laugh and some delicious-looking food. It’s definitely one of my favorites now.

I was kinda bummed that the anime didn’t have more episodes, but I guess I’ll just have to read the light novel!

For those of you that voted for this one, thanks so much! I really enjoyed it.

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My First Gundam Experience – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Review

I have finally done it. After years of curiosity and urging, I’ve finally gathered up the courage to watch an installment of the Gundam series.


Believe it or not, I actually started watching this by accident. One Saturday night, I was on the Toonami channel watching anime and it came on. The remote was too far for me to grab it and change the channel, so I read manga while Iron-Blooded Orphans played in the background.

The show was already halfway through the season, so I didn’t really know what was going on. But after a couple more Saturdays of catching the episodes on Toonami, I began to understand and enjoy the show.

Eventually, I decided to watch the anime from the very beginning. Here’s what I thought about it:


I actually did not have any major issue with the plot. Well, other than the major main character deaths. Despite that, I felt that IBO had just the right amounts of sugar, spice, and everything nice.




Is it possible to love almost every character in one show? If so, this would be it. Not including a few selected women and antagonists, I made a deep connection with each character of this show. If you think this is weird, wait til I get to the Bishies section.

Favorite Character: Mikazuki



I wasn’t surprised in the least when a cliche heroic speech would just spew out in the heat of the moment. However, my inner fujoshi squealed whenever a character would say some sort of innuendo. Overall, the writing was pretty average with some spectacular moments in between.


Also pretty average. I love Orga (God, I love him so much) but what the hell is that catastrophe on top of his head?

Looking at it almost makes me want to grab a pair of gardening shears.


Was this loli chick supposed to set off my moe detector?


If so, she failed. I think my useless-anime-side-chick detector went off instead. She constantly cockblocked Mika and Kudelia several times and tried to form some sort of twisted”Sister Wives” situation. No thanks.




Thank God there were plenty of shotas to cleanse my eyes with.


I’ve never seen anything like this, so it seems pretty original to me! But for those of you who have seen more of the Gundam series, is IBO considered original when compared to other installments?


OHOHOHO. Now we’re talking! Now, I would just send the multiple screenshots of abs and man-butt that this show has blessed me with, but we like to keep things classy at Pinky’s Palace.

PFFT. Who am I kidding? No we don’t!


For this, I’ve decided to try something new. I’m just gonna put a list of the OST songs I really liked!

Raise Your Flag – MAN WITH A MISSION 


Orphans no Namida – MISIA

Rage of Dust – SPYAIR 


Almost every guy in this anime was super good-looking.


Although the multiple innuendos were hilarious, the rest of the humor in the show was very dry.



People died. It was sad. End of story.


This anime was full of it. Especially those epic scenes with our dynamic duo Mika and Orga.






For my first Gundam experience, this anime was so awesome! Usually, I’m not much of a mecha person, but this anime definitely makes me want to watch more of the Gundam series.

giphy (11).gif


Just Like Rika?! – Mystic Messenger Review + Tips

When I first started playing Mystic Messenger, I knew that this was one of the routes I HAD to play. Yoosung is just an adorable player, and I was really excited to find out more about him. Well, here’s how that turned out.

My Thoughts

Yoosung Kim : College student and obsessive gamer.

On the outside, Yoosung was just your everyday confused college student. He’s loveable, naive, and basically just an adorable little puppy. Throughout his route, he was also revealed to be very insecure.

At first, I liked Yoosung a lot. At the time, I had only done one route of MM and was convinced that Yoosung’s was going to be all flowers and bubbles. But no, it wasn’t.

Remember Rika? You know, the supposedly-dead blonde chick who used to be in charge of the RFA? Well, she’s Yoosung’s cousin.


Now, I wasn’t really a fan of Rika to begin with, but this route really made me hate her guts. Just bear with me, you’ll see why.

Yoosung admired Rika a lot and as he got older, he began to revolve his whole life around her by getting good grades, volunteering in charities, and doing anything to make her proud of him. When her dog died, he even began to invest in a career as a veterinarian! Kinda obsessive, don’t you think?

Basically, his whole life was about Rika. And when she died, he fell into depression, stopped focusing on college, and turned to gaming.

During his route, I found Yoosung to be a  bit….obsessive. He constantly compared the MC to Rika, even going so far to say that the MC was “just like Rika”. What the fuck, Yoosung?

Look, I get that he was naive and obviously still hung up over Rika, but constantly comparing the girl he wants to date to HIS COUSIN was not okay with me.

After a while, I had to take a short break from Yoosung’s route. It got so irritating to the point where I didn’t even want to participate in any chatrooms with Yoosung in it. But I still pushed through, in hopes of getting a good end. And I got one. I also purposely got one of the bad ends too, so I’m going to review that as well.

Apparently, the hacker switched around the security system in Rika’s apartment. So if someone from the RFA were to enter or leave the apartment, BOOM. This also meant that the hacker could enter the apartment at any time.

The Bad End

When Seven said that Yoosung had “yandere tendencies” he wasn’t kidding. That blonde fucker really started to creep me out.

When he found out that the MC was possibly in danger, Yoosung rushed to Seven’s house and threatened to break the dude’s computers if he didn’t tell him where Rika’s apartment was. Seven didn’t tell him where the MC was, but Yoosung was able to find out her location just by looking at Seven’s CCTV footages of the apartment. WHAT THE FUCK.

But wait, it gets creepier.

Yoosung arrives at the apartment and goes inside. EVEN THOUGH THERE’S A FUCKING BOMB.

He say’s a few cute, yet very possessive and creepy things to the MC…

And then…BOOOM! They died. Yoosung entered the apartment to make sure the MC was safe, and they died.


The Good End

After days of what seemed like endless torture, I finally convinced that stubborn shota to see that I was not his cousin. And then the real drama started.

Yoosung, wanting to help Seven in his investigation on the unknown hacker, goes with Yoosung to the hacker’s headquarters. Of course, they’re nowhere near stealthy enough to successfully pull if off, and Unknown (the hacker) catches them while Seven is trying to hack his computers.

While Seven escaped or something, Unknown tortured our poor little Yoosung. Seven comes back and manages to save Yoosung, and the two drive away from the hideout. It is later revealed that Unknown attempted to destroy

It is later revealed that Unknown attempted to destroy Yoosung’s dream of becoming a vet by injuring his left eye. During the car ride back, Yoosung talks with the MC in the chatroom and tells her how much he loves her and that he’s okay.

I almost cried at this part. Yoosung didn’t want the MC to be worried about him, so he winked in his picture in order to hide his eye injury. And when he calls the MC, oh my God, that phone call touched my heart.


That night, V rushes to Yoosung’s home and they resolve their issues.

I definitely ship this now

The party was the next day, so eventually the truth gets out.  At the party, Seven, super guilty about his part in Yoosung’s injury, seemed very depressed and saddened.

Then Yoosung appeared on the podium to greet everyone.


He appeared to be very insecure about his looks, but I don’t think he had anything to worry about. I mean, he was still adorable as hell.  But yeah, he and the MC meet at the party and confess their love for each other. And then they shared that adorable kiss that I waited ELEVEN FUCKING DAYS for.




Tips for Getting Yoosung’s Good End

  • Tease him
  • Tell him how adorable and manly he is
  • Let him know that you are NOT a replacement for his dead cousin
  • Don’t let him compare you to Rika
  • Support his gaming addiction
  • Don’t let him lose trust in the RFA and V

And the most important one of all…

  • Love him.

Collection of Yoosung CGs

D12fe038b2e19092ae4fb60e0bbe2ce7 Yoosung2 Yoosung3 Yoosung4
Yoosung5 Yoosung6 Yoosung7 Yoosung8
Yoosung9 Yoosung10 Yoosung11 Yoosung12
Yoosung13 Yoosung14 Yoosung15 Yoosung16
Yoosung17 Yoosung18 Yoosung19 Yoosung20
Yoosung21 Yoosung 22 Yoosung 23 Yoosung 24
Yoosung25 Yoosung26 Yoosung27 Yoosung28
Yoosung29 Yoosung30


Any questions or opinions? Let me know in the comments below!




Pinky’s Perspective – Mystic Messenger Updates

Everyone seems to be bitching about this these days, so I’m just going to jump on the bitch-wagon. See what I did there?

This is Pinky’s Perspective, an extremely biased post where I rant all about anime-related stuff. 

Even though I’ve finished the game, I decided to re-download Mystic Messenger on my phone to check out the new updates.

What I Liked

I thought the little chibi characters on the original download screen were cute. Then I saw this:


Yeah, that’s fucking adorable.

*Since development, the Load feature was originally planned to be a charged featured to prevent any game abuse by farming hourglasses and hearts through repeated save and loads.

They’re not adding that in? THANK GOD. Otherwise, half of us wouldn’t even be able to open the game, with our broke selves.

* A UFO sailing in outer space toward the Honey Buddha chip has been added in version 1.5.1.
You can now peek into each character’s thoughts by tapping on the UFO. Once the UFO reaches the chips, hourglasses or hearts will be rewarded.


This makes it easier for cheap people like me to get money without spending money. Definitely a thumbs up.

*Banning Rules
The following are reasons why users may be banned.

– Changing time to see previously missed chatrooms.
– Abusive actions exercised to “farm” hourglasses and hearts multiple times from the same chatroom

Yup. For you time-travelers out there, Cheritz is not going to put up with your timelord shenanigans. And if you didn’t get that reference just now, you must live a sad sad life.

What I Didn’t Like

*Free trial for the Max Speed/Save Slot Load Feature will end from v.1.5.3
-VIPs can still use Max speed for free.

-If you are not a VIP user; you can still receive the Max Speed feature for free by unlocking all character’s After Endings and Secret endings 1 & 2 by November 7th.

Look, no one wants to reread a chat that they have seen a million (actually 5) times. What exactly was the point of putting a Max Speed button for everyone to use if you’re just going to make it Premium?  Thanks, Cheritz. Now we actually have to pay attention to the turtle-pace movement of the chatroom texts.

And about the VIP thing. It says that you can use Max Speed for free, huh?

Screenshot 2016-11-01 at 6.25.19 PM.png

Last time I checked, 79 dollars wasn’t free. But then again, I’m terrible at math, so my opinion isn’t really valid.

*The 707 Spaceship CG is available as a purchasable good. 

So, they’re selling CGs now, huh? I guess nothing’s sacred anymore.

Final Thoughts

So yeah. The updates are kinda sucky in some areas, but Cheritz definitely keeping up their quota of giving sweet solutions for us female gamers.

What did you guys think about the new updates? Any pros or cons?