Friendship as a Sanctuary in Fairy Tail {OWLS BLOG TOUR}

This month’s OWLS Blog Tour is coming to and end, so here’s my post! I hope you all enjoyed everyone’s posts, and I really think everyone did a fantastic job this month.

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A sanctuary is a place of safety and stability. In anime, there are several different places and environments that characters call “home.” For this topic, we will be discussing various locations and settings within certain anime series.

For this month’s theme, I’ve chosen Fairy Tail, an anime where friendship is the best sanctuary there is. Although the guild itself is a perfect home, I’d like to take a look at the bonds of friendship within Fairy Tail and how they affect a few select members of the guild. I guess you could call it a sanctuary within a sanctuary!


The Queen of Fairies

Erza Scarlet Wallpaper by sanoboss

“Even if I can’t see. Even if I can’t hear. I have light inside me. The path I walked with my friends, is bringing light to my future. I don’t fear anything! This isn’t even worthy of being called pain! The worst pain is.. The pain of losing your light.”

Discarded by her mother as a newborn, Erza grew up in a village with other orphaned children where they were later enslaved by a cult. There, she met Jellal Fernandes, who, gave her the last name “Scarlet” and became her family.

After the revolt against their captors and the chaos involved with the Tower of Heaven, Erza was left alone with a missing eye, emotional baggage, and plenty of tears.

Then she joined Fairy Tail.

Once she was there, Erza was given an artificial eye. Now she was free to shed her tears.

But this time, they were tears of joy.


The Rain Woman

“Juvia has truly come to love Fairy Tail …it seem so friendly .. so fun…so warm…as though even if it’s raining outside in the guild the sun is always shining…”

Always shunned for being too “gloomy”  due  to the constant rain around her, Juvia  Lockser had a lonely childhood. When she joined the dark Phantom Lord guild, Juvia felt at home because it was the first time that anyone had accepted her.

Then she met Gray Fullbuster.

For Juvia, it was love at first sight. But because they were enemies, she reluctantly battled him and lost. The shock of losing against Gray brought the constant rain around Juvia to an end and allowed her to see the bright blue sky for the first time in her life.

After the defeatof her former guild, Juvia is welcomed into the ever-so-cheerful Fairy Tail where she can always be near her friends and beloved Gray-sama.

She has finally found a place where she belongs, a place where the sun will always shine.


The Demon

“I’m no longer that piece of iron junk you once knew! I don’t know if I’m living with meaning like you wanted me to… but… there are people before me I want to protect! No… that I will protect! That’s my meaning to live!”

Let’s face it, Gajeel used to be a pretty bad guy. He still has his faults, but overall, he’s a much better person than he was when he was first introduced. Why? Because joing Fairy Tail gave him a home.

Due to his past actions and affiliation with the Phanton Lord guild, Gajeel wasn’t liked much by the members of Fairy Tail at first. Some even went out of their way to antagonize and isolate him. But it was the kindness and forgiving hearts of members Levy Mcgarden and Makarov Dreyar who brought this “beast” out of his shell. They gave him a reason to keep living and something to protect.

And even if he must die in order to do so, Gajeel is ready to pay the price as long as those he cares for are safe.

The Salamander

Tags: Anime, Mashima Hiro, FAIRY TAIL, Fairy Tail Illustrations: Fantasia, Igneel (FAIRY TAIL), Natsu Dragneel, Dragon

“Maybe we can’t help feeling scared alone! But we’re all right here, together! We’ve got out friends close by!
Now there’s nothing to fear because we are not alone!”

After being “abandoned” by his adoptive father Igneel (a dragon),  a young Natsu Dragneel was left wandering alone with neither friends nor family to keep him company. Since then, he spent his days relentlessly seaching for Igneel. Until he was found by Fairy Tail master Makarov Dreyar, that is.

Makarov took Natsu back to Fairy Tail where the lost child was welcomed with open arms. There, he was able to stop wandering and create friendships (and rivalries) that would last a lifetime.

Fairy Tail became his home, and its members became his family.

So whenever someone (may it be dragons, dark guilds, or evil sorcerers) tries to mess with his family and the guild he loves, Natsu is always ready to bring on the flames.

As long as his friends are ready to fight right alongside him.



And that’s it, folks! Hope you liked my OWLS post!




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17 thoughts on “Friendship as a Sanctuary in Fairy Tail {OWLS BLOG TOUR}

  1. I must take up this anime again. It’s been so long since I stopped. I miss it. Soon, I will. Erza is so bad-ass. She’s my favourite character in Fairy Tail. Anyway, nice post. Fairy Tail is a sanctuary to all the league members and for these characters you mentioned here, and of course, their relationships with each other. Cheers!


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