Blog News {DECEMBER}

Hey guys, I’ve got quite a bit of news for you this month!

Monthly Poll

I didn’t really announce it last month, but I’ve decided to do monthly anime polls. Each poll will have a theme, like  November’s “Food Anime” poll. The anime that gets the most votes is the one that I will watch and review! If I have time, I might occasionally choose the top two anime.

This month, I’m planning to watch some holiday-themed anime to gather up some Christmas spirit. If you have time, feel free to help me out by choosing an anime from the poll in my sidebar!

For those of you that participated in last month’s anime poll, thank you so much. My anime review of Ben-to is on the way!

Working With Other Bloggers

At the moment, I am working with a group of ani-bloggers to hopefully bring some inspirational content to you guys in the otaku community. I can’t go into much detail right now, so if you’re interested in this project, don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for a big surprise!

Pink’s 2016 Picks

The year is coming to an end, and I plan to recap my favorite anime made this year. This post will probably be published later on in the month.

More Stuff Coming

WOOHOO! Christmas break is a week away, and I plan to spend a lot of that time blogging and making changes to Pinky’s Palace. I’m going to have a lot of free time, so be sure to expect a lot more posts!

Badge For Reviews

Should I start putting badges on my reviews? I think I’m going to start doing that this month. For those of you that are a bit confused, here’s the gist:

If I’m writing a review on an anime, and I REALLY like it, you will see this approval badge on the post:


And if I absolutely despise the anime I’m reviewing, you’ll get this…



For those of you that don’t know, translating Japanese anime and game songs into English lyrics is a hobby of mine. I’ve been doing this for a while, but I’m finally going to start uploading my translations as blog posts!

Wanna see my past translations? Check out my Lyrics page! Also, let me know if there’s a song you’d like me to translate. I’d be happy to do it!

Well, that’s all folks! Tune in next month for more news!  I hope all of you have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to top it off.


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