BATTLE OF THE OTOME – Mystic Messenger vs Liar! Uncover the Truth

Anyone find it strange that not too long after Cheritz released the hit otome game Mystic Messenger , Voltage releases a free one? I sure do.

It’s no secret that Voltage is one of the more famous developers of otome and visual novels. But their games are usually not free to play. Until now, that is.

Liar! Uncover the Truth is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You are told that ten handsome men will fall for you but nine of them are liars, so you have to figure who’s the liar and who’s your true love. It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Personally, I think that Voltage is trying to mark their territory as the go-to otome game developers. Releasing Liar is just their way of pissing all over the fire hydrant that is the otome market.

But is their master plan working? Let’s find out.


Mystic Messenger – Although the new updates make it harder to do so, it is definitely possible to play all the routes in Mystic Messenger without spending a dime of your own money.

Liar – This one is also free, but you have to pay to experience the Lover’s  Routes.


Mystic Messenger – Each character in this game is fascinating in their own way. Plus, there’s a female love interest, which is rarely seen in otome games.

Liar – Unlike the generic female protagonists usually shown in games of this type, Liar! Uncover the Truth presents players with a strong and independent female lead. The love interests that this woman meets are all funny, secretive, and most times, just downright creepy.


Mystic Messenger – This game is full of excitement and mystery. With its recent update, players can now indulge themselves in a Honey Buddha Chip-flavored mini game. Catching all the chatrooms can be a problem, though. Although most of the game consists of chatrooms and emails, Cheritz more than makes up for it with the beautiful visual novel scenes. Once you have finished a route and have earned enough hourglasses to unlock this, it is also possible to play the after endings and secret endings of certain characters, along with hearing heartfelt messages from the voice actors of the game.

Liar – Also full of excitement and mystery, Liar! Uncover the Truth delivers routes full of despicable men who will do ANYTHING to get the main character to marry them. There are ten love interests, and nine of them are liars. So it’s up to the player to find clues and evidence to determine which men are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Trust me, it’s much harder than it sounds. However, if you don’t consistently play the minigame as soon as you start playing the routes, it’ll be extremely hard for you to catch up and unlock the later routes. There’s also a very fun minigame where you select the right romantic option for a particular guy. Overall, this game is plenty of fun as well.


As you can probably tell, it’s pretty hard to determine which game is better. Although Mystic Messenger’s characters are nothing to scoff at, I felt like Liar’s characters were way more spontaneous and unpredictable. I had a very hard time moving forward in Liar due to lack of currency, but Mystic Messenger was absolutely free for me to enjoy without having to dip into my wallet at all. As for the total experience, Mystic Messenger was more drama filled and consumed most of my waking (and sleeping) hours with its fun chatrooms and emails.

Which game did you like the best? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE OTOME – Mystic Messenger vs Liar! Uncover the Truth

  1. I waited 89 years for this post woot
    Liar! Actually gives you coins to spend on lovers routes, or on the other endings if you wanna see all of them, so you gotta save save save~ 🎶
    While I find the characters really fun and great in Liar, I also feel like it’s too over the top to be realistic, while MM definitely goes down the more real path.
    They’re great for different reasons, but I find I’ve lost my hype for Liar, cause I’ve lost some interest and I’m slowly crawling through it and even forget it.
    Plus 8th liar really has me baffled why he’s a lovers route at all ugh

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