Just Like Rika?! – Mystic Messenger Review + Tips

When I first started playing Mystic Messenger, I knew that this was one of the routes I HAD to play. Yoosung is just an adorable player, and I was really excited to find out more about him. Well, here’s how that turned out.

My Thoughts

Yoosung Kim : College student and obsessive gamer.

On the outside, Yoosung was just your everyday confused college student. He’s loveable, naive, and basically just an adorable little puppy. Throughout his route, he was also revealed to be very insecure.

At first, I liked Yoosung a lot. At the time, I had only done one route of MM and was convinced that Yoosung’s was going to be all flowers and bubbles. But no, it wasn’t.

Remember Rika? You know, the supposedly-dead blonde chick who used to be in charge of the RFA? Well, she’s Yoosung’s cousin.


Now, I wasn’t really a fan of Rika to begin with, but this route really made me hate her guts. Just bear with me, you’ll see why.

Yoosung admired Rika a lot and as he got older, he began to revolve his whole life around her by getting good grades, volunteering in charities, and doing anything to make her proud of him. When her dog died, he even began to invest in a career as a veterinarian! Kinda obsessive, don’t you think?

Basically, his whole life was about Rika. And when she died, he fell into depression, stopped focusing on college, and turned to gaming.

During his route, I found Yoosung to be a  bit….obsessive. He constantly compared the MC to Rika, even going so far to say that the MC was “just like Rika”. What the fuck, Yoosung?

Look, I get that he was naive and obviously still hung up over Rika, but constantly comparing the girl he wants to date to HIS COUSIN was not okay with me.

After a while, I had to take a short break from Yoosung’s route. It got so irritating to the point where I didn’t even want to participate in any chatrooms with Yoosung in it. But I still pushed through, in hopes of getting a good end. And I got one. I also purposely got one of the bad ends too, so I’m going to review that as well.

Apparently, the hacker switched around the security system in Rika’s apartment. So if someone from the RFA were to enter or leave the apartment, BOOM. This also meant that the hacker could enter the apartment at any time.

The Bad End

When Seven said that Yoosung had “yandere tendencies” he wasn’t kidding. That blonde fucker really started to creep me out.

When he found out that the MC was possibly in danger, Yoosung rushed to Seven’s house and threatened to break the dude’s computers if he didn’t tell him where Rika’s apartment was. Seven didn’t tell him where the MC was, but Yoosung was able to find out her location just by looking at Seven’s CCTV footages of the apartment. WHAT THE FUCK.

But wait, it gets creepier.

Yoosung arrives at the apartment and goes inside. EVEN THOUGH THERE’S A FUCKING BOMB.

He say’s a few cute, yet very possessive and creepy things to the MC…

And then…BOOOM! They died. Yoosung entered the apartment to make sure the MC was safe, and they died.


The Good End

After days of what seemed like endless torture, I finally convinced that stubborn shota to see that I was not his cousin. And then the real drama started.

Yoosung, wanting to help Seven in his investigation on the unknown hacker, goes with Yoosung to the hacker’s headquarters. Of course, they’re nowhere near stealthy enough to successfully pull if off, and Unknown (the hacker) catches them while Seven is trying to hack his computers.

While Seven escaped or something, Unknown tortured our poor little Yoosung. Seven comes back and manages to save Yoosung, and the two drive away from the hideout. It is later revealed that Unknown attempted to destroy

It is later revealed that Unknown attempted to destroy Yoosung’s dream of becoming a vet by injuring his left eye. During the car ride back, Yoosung talks with the MC in the chatroom and tells her how much he loves her and that he’s okay.

I almost cried at this part. Yoosung didn’t want the MC to be worried about him, so he winked in his picture in order to hide his eye injury. And when he calls the MC, oh my God, that phone call touched my heart.


That night, V rushes to Yoosung’s home and they resolve their issues.

I definitely ship this now

The party was the next day, so eventually the truth gets out.  At the party, Seven, super guilty about his part in Yoosung’s injury, seemed very depressed and saddened.

Then Yoosung appeared on the podium to greet everyone.


He appeared to be very insecure about his looks, but I don’t think he had anything to worry about. I mean, he was still adorable as hell.  But yeah, he and the MC meet at the party and confess their love for each other. And then they shared that adorable kiss that I waited ELEVEN FUCKING DAYS for.




Tips for Getting Yoosung’s Good End

  • Tease him
  • Tell him how adorable and manly he is
  • Let him know that you are NOT a replacement for his dead cousin
  • Don’t let him compare you to Rika
  • Support his gaming addiction
  • Don’t let him lose trust in the RFA and V

And the most important one of all…

  • Love him.

Collection of Yoosung CGs

D12fe038b2e19092ae4fb60e0bbe2ce7 Yoosung2 Yoosung3 Yoosung4
Yoosung5 Yoosung6 Yoosung7 Yoosung8
Yoosung9 Yoosung10 Yoosung11 Yoosung12
Yoosung13 Yoosung14 Yoosung15 Yoosung16
Yoosung17 Yoosung18 Yoosung19 Yoosung20
Yoosung21 Yoosung 22 Yoosung 23 Yoosung 24
Yoosung25 Yoosung26 Yoosung27 Yoosung28
Yoosung29 Yoosung30


Any questions or opinions? Let me know in the comments below!





3 thoughts on “Just Like Rika?! – Mystic Messenger Review + Tips

    He’s so misunderstood, all her wants is some sweet lurve ;_;
    He never annoyed me, but I understand why you needed a break. I loved his route tho, and Jaehee’s!, so dang much tho, I’d do again 100/10, would bang again ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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