HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALOIS – Five Things I Love About Alois Trancy

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but here’s a special birthday post for one of my favorite anime characters. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALOIS TRANCY!

His Boots


I swear this kid can rock boots better than any woman out there. To be honest, I’m kinda jealous!

His Fashion Sense


Is it just me, or does Alois look adorable all the time? His innocent, yet suggestive outfits make him look absolutely irresistible? He even looks good while crossdressing!

His Sadism


I found this kid’s sadistic behavior to be amusing and adorable, yet disgusting at the same time. Don’t let his innocent face fool you. One wrong move, and he’ll rip your eye out.

His Butler


If you’ve seen Black Butler, you already know that every emotionally-detached teenage boy comes with a drop-dead-sexy demonic butler. Well, this one comes with glasses.

He’s a Shota


Oh, come on. You guys should’ve seen this one coming. It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for shotas. And guess what! Alois happens to be one. I guess it’s just another one of his charms.


Want an idea of whose birthday I’m doing next? Check my Otaku CalendarIf there’s any anime character you’d like me to do this for, let me know!


10 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALOIS – Five Things I Love About Alois Trancy

  1. The absolute territory is real…even for shotas //wink wink
    Tbh I hated him at first, but then I understood his character and he just got…pitiful…and relatable to some extent. No one can beat him in the boots department…besides Ciel >:D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. His boots are killer, as are his shorts :Q_
    High boots + thigh showing because of shorts or skirt = YAS PLS, LET ME EAT WITH A SPOON
    He’s beautiful, and sexy, and I’d like him to bang with Claude pls *_*

    Liked by 1 person

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