Pinky’s Perspective – Mystic Messenger Updates

Everyone seems to be bitching about this these days, so I’m just going to jump on the bitch-wagon. See what I did there?

This is Pinky’s Perspective, an extremely biased post where I rant all about anime-related stuff. 

Even though I’ve finished the game, I decided to re-download Mystic Messenger on my phone to check out the new updates.

What I Liked

I thought the little chibi characters on the original download screen were cute. Then I saw this:


Yeah, that’s fucking adorable.

*Since development, the Load feature was originally planned to be a charged featured to prevent any game abuse by farming hourglasses and hearts through repeated save and loads.

They’re not adding that in? THANK GOD. Otherwise, half of us wouldn’t even be able to open the game, with our broke selves.

* A UFO sailing in outer space toward the Honey Buddha chip has been added in version 1.5.1.
You can now peek into each character’s thoughts by tapping on the UFO. Once the UFO reaches the chips, hourglasses or hearts will be rewarded.


This makes it easier for cheap people like me to get money without spending money. Definitely a thumbs up.

*Banning Rules
The following are reasons why users may be banned.

– Changing time to see previously missed chatrooms.
– Abusive actions exercised to “farm” hourglasses and hearts multiple times from the same chatroom

Yup. For you time-travelers out there, Cheritz is not going to put up with your timelord shenanigans. And if you didn’t get that reference just now, you must live a sad sad life.

What I Didn’t Like

*Free trial for the Max Speed/Save Slot Load Feature will end from v.1.5.3
-VIPs can still use Max speed for free.

-If you are not a VIP user; you can still receive the Max Speed feature for free by unlocking all character’s After Endings and Secret endings 1 & 2 by November 7th.

Look, no one wants to reread a chat that they have seen a million (actually 5) times. What exactly was the point of putting a Max Speed button for everyone to use if you’re just going to make it Premium?  Thanks, Cheritz. Now we actually have to pay attention to the turtle-pace movement of the chatroom texts.

And about the VIP thing. It says that you can use Max Speed for free, huh?

Screenshot 2016-11-01 at 6.25.19 PM.png

Last time I checked, 79 dollars wasn’t free. But then again, I’m terrible at math, so my opinion isn’t really valid.

*The 707 Spaceship CG is available as a purchasable good. 

So, they’re selling CGs now, huh? I guess nothing’s sacred anymore.

Final Thoughts

So yeah. The updates are kinda sucky in some areas, but Cheritz definitely keeping up their quota of giving sweet solutions for us female gamers.

What did you guys think about the new updates? Any pros or cons?





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