My Lovely Zen – Mystic Messenger Review + Tips

I was finally able to get my thoughts on this down. Okay, let’s start.

For some reason, my friends don’t like Zen. They say “Oh he’s too arrogant” or “Eww, he doesn’t like animals”. Well here’s my response:


Anyway, onto the review.

My Thoughts

You know how they say that “you’ll never forget your first love”? Well, that’s how I feel about playing Zen’s route. After playing all of the routes, I can comfortably look back and say that Zen’s was my favorite.

Zen was very affectionate from the start, and I loved it. Seriously, if you are playing his route, CHERISH his affection. The other characters might not give as much (or in some cases, they might give you too much).

At first, I thought Zen was a bit too arrogant as well. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As I delved deeper into his route, I began to understand why he acted the way he did.

His parents spent his whole childhood telling Zen that he wasn’t special when he obviously was. Through all of this, his only confidant was his older brother. But when Zen started expressing his passion for musical theater and acting, his big bro abandoned him and sided with his parents. This caused Zen to drop out of school, run away from home, and work hard to earn a living.

Zen may seem arrogant on the outside, but he really just wants to be appreciated for his acting skills, not his appearance. Inside, he wonders if people see him for his looks rather than his talents.

Throughout his route, I found Jaehee to be a major pain in my ass. She was literally a more professional version of one of those fans we all dislike. You know, the ones who don’t want their idols to date or be involved with anyone but their career? Yeah, that would be Jaehee.

In her review here, HijackedCat says she acts that way because Jaehee is in love with the MC and not Zen. Either way, I don’t give a damn. NO ONE gets in the way between me and my current bishie, not even the ever-so-sexy Jaehee.

Despite the Jaehee annoyances, I had a few days of peace in Zen’s route.

And then Echo Bitch showed up.

Whoops, that was totally a typo. I meant to put Echo Girl.

download (10).jpg

You see the chick who’s holding on to my lovely Zen? Yeah, that’s Echo Girl. If that picture annoys you, trust me, she gets even worse.

So yeah, Zen’s route had drama. Annoying, yet addictive drama.

But despite how arrogant he may seem and act, he always puts the MC before ANYONE and is the first to come to her rescue.

When he finally met the MC face to face, I was given a more seductive and real side of Zen. The Hyun Ryu side.

And, boy, was he incredible.

The After Ending was even better. I literally could not do anything but make odd noises after seeing the CG.

Overall, Zen’s route was impressive as hell. Literally every fangirl’s dream.

Tips for Getting Zen’s Good End

  • Support him and his career
  • Hate on Jumin as much as possible
  • Tell him you hate cats
  • Be as adorable as possible with him
  • Feed his ego

And the most important tip….

  • Love him.


Any questions or opinions? Let me know in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “My Lovely Zen – Mystic Messenger Review + Tips

  1. I started with Zen and did his route first, but I just don’t like narcissistic and arrogant guys so I was indifferent by the end. I was glad he became so sweet by the end of the route. But in everyone else’s route, especially jumin ‘s zen is an arrogant asshole and petty. And I officially hate him now.


    I actually didn’t find Jaehee annoying, i dunno what you all saw on her, but after doing her route first, she was just worried and I never felt annoyed by her /shrugs
    I do agree that Zen is more than he seemed, and that it was worth entering his route, they’re all sad characters, hiding behind different things like narcissim, pet love, game addiction, workaholic behavior, memes and jokes~
    Are you gonna do for the other characters? *_*

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  3. Haha, I played Zen’s route as well and he was really sweet ^^ Echo Girl and Jaehee did get annoying so I totally agree. Nice review! I also did a game experience over at my blog; hope you check it out! Thanks~

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay. Once I’m done with Yoosung’s route, I’m gonna try for Zen again. I’ll take your tips to heart. He seems like a huge flirt at first, but I loved flirting with him. (My first time playing, I didn’t know who to choose, so I flirted with all of them. It was hella fun. But Jaehee does get really annoying. I used to sympathize with her since Jumin just dumpd Elizabeth on her lap, but she’s annoying. Really.)
    Thanks for the tips

    Liked by 1 person

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