╬Let’s Rant On: Labels and Misconceptions of Fujoshi

Definitely relatable!

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I don’t call myself a fujoshi anymore, I prefer the terms slasher or shipper, because fujoshi started having certain connotations that I didn’t want people to assume as soon as I said the word.

I also started seeing people saying fujoshi are clueless, fanatical and the sort, which I guess made me want to distance from the term. But I don’t agree with them. There’s rotten apples everywhere, so to base an entire term around these more outspoken and extreme actually pisses me off.

The typical representation of the fujoshi with love paddles, attacking boys, calling them names and etc, is to me an extreme that shouldn’t be used as the default view of fujoshi.

I don’t like when I see people say fujoshi are all delusional, and that they spoil their fandoms, because I think that’s plain wrong. There’s extreme fans in all the fandoms, so I wonder why…

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