Shall We Date? Oz+ Conclusions

That Game Club

This is an edited conversation of the conclusion discussion about Oz+ done on 31 of August on Line.

Warning: Spoilers will be tagged as such, but there’s lots of talk about the ending and what happens, so you’ve been warned!

Pokeninja90: So what did ya’ll think about Oz+?

Iris: Lion is adorable.

Iris: The chibis are precious

Pink: Wesley is hot af

Iris: The currency system is sh**

Pokeninja90: lol, this is so true!

Iris: Also tickets suck

Pink: True

HijackedCat: Leon is adorabs, but the game sucks

Pokeninja90: Yeah, Wesley was hot but his personality is the pits

Iris: Agreed

HijackedCat: lack of drawers and free items, plus the endings were lukewarm at best

Pink: I guess. All he did was shove me up against walls.

Iris: The game setting is really weird too

HijackedCat: plus it also asked for…

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