Shall We Date? Oz+ – Wesley’s Route {REVIEW}

This is my first game-related review and I am very excited to write about it. Keep in mind that I’m not reviewing the entire game, seeing as I haven’t played the whole thing. I’m just reviewing the route that I chose.

Before I start, here’s a little key so that you guys won’t be too confused when I use certain words or acronyms.

Otome – the type of game I’m playing

SWD – Shall We Date? (Games)

Nessa – HijackedCat

TGC – That Game Club

Story Tickets – allow you to play chapters of the game

Bishies – hot guys

Shotas – adorable childish-looking guys

Okay, I’m done.

Here are the game’s details

Title: Shall We Date? Oz+
Platforms: Android, iOS, Facebook
Language: English



After the journey in the Land of Oz, you, as a heroine, returned to your home in Kansas. Years had passed since then, and your 17th birthday was drawing closer. One day, three hot guys showed up at the front door of your house. They were actually your friends who went on the journey together; the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion! “Come on! Let’s go to Oz to celebrate your birthday!” Excited about the grand birthday celebration, you headed back to the Land of Oz with them. “Hello again Oz world!”

The Story I Chose

This is an otome game (virtual romance), so I was given the choice of which character I wanted to “date”.

Here are the options I was given

  • Crowlie, the Scarecrow
  • Heartmann, the Tin Woodman
  • Leonardo, The Cowardly Lion
  • Norton, Wizard of the North
  • Wesley, Wizard of the West
  • Oz, the Wizard

I chose Wesley, Wizard of the West. To certain others, he is known as the “ugly eyepatch guy”.

Pros and Cons

Generic Bishie Love Interests

CON: Although Nessa’s convinced that Leonardo is one (he’s not), the game has no shotas.

PRO: Even though he isn’t a shota, Leo is technically a neko, which is still pretty hot.

CON: The game teased me with glimpses of Solomon (and his groin), but he wasn’t available for me to choose as a love interest.

PRO: All the love interests were good looking in some way.

That Piece of Shit They Call A Story

PRO: Wesley was a tsundere. I LOVE tsunderes.

CON: Wesley was actually pretty shitty at being a tsundere.

PRO: Wesley’s backstory was pretty cool.

CON: It was also way too predictable. 

PRO: The chapters were somewhat interesting and exciting at some points.

CON: I had to give them story tickets in order to read a five sentenced chapter. That’s not even a full paragraph!

PRO: I thought I only had to pay the game in story tickets.

CON: Charisma Points?! What the hell are those?!

PRO: My character was pretty.

CON: Like 80% of otome heroines, she was indecisive, horribly naive, and annoying most of the time.

CON: Apparently the ending is pointless and crappy.

PRO: Overall, the story was meh.

CON: It was alright, but definitely not worth the time, money, and phone data I spent playing this otome trash.

Repetitive OSTs

PRO: The music was pretty good the first few times I heard it.

CON: The same three songs are reused over and over. So after about an hour of listening to them, I got annoyed and started playing the game with the sound on mute.

The “Free” Events

PRO: The events looked pretty fun.

CON: Until recently, none of them had Wesley as a route. 

PRO: I thought the events were WAY more interesting than the main story.

CON: I’m pretty sure they used the same boring OSTs as the main story though.

PRO: The game had free events.

CON: The events weren’t actually free.

PRO: I didn’t have to use any of my story tickets to play.

CON: Instead, they made me pay with “Lady Points”, which is basically just another term for story tickets.

Overly Expensive Game Items

PRO: All the other TCG staff had problems with the lack of drawers, but I didn’t really have that problem.

CON: I had major problems with all the other game items.


CON: This stupid game made me pay for an expensive ass item almost every three chapters.

CON: It literally takes a whole freaking day to restore your story tickets.

CON: You have to pay actual money for CG’s.

CON: The Premium System can kiss my fujoshi ass. 

CON: According to Nessa, the final item you need in order to finish the game costs about 34 to 38 thousand spinels. The most money I got while playing was 11, 310. 


I eventually had to quit playing this game because I was broke and tired. Plus, it really wasn’t worth it.

My Final Thoughts


This game is trash. Shitty otome trash that needs to be burned. It’s already been uninstalled from my phone.


If you guys wanna play the game, without actually playing the game, I’d suggest reading this walkthrough.











4 thoughts on “Shall We Date? Oz+ – Wesley’s Route {REVIEW}

  1. Hey, hey Leo is just a big shota, cause his personality really is childish! Hnng
    You slayed it so hard, I love this wwwwww
    I actually liked Dorothy, she is a sheltered 16 year old, she’s adorable <333
    I tend to like heroines in otoge x)
    I'm glad you saved yourself and your suffering for a better game, because TREAT YOURSELF

    Liked by 1 person

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