Let’s Rant on: FtP Otomobage

Another Gaming Day

This isn’t going to be a very salty, bitter or otherwise post BTW. I’m not going to complain about specific games, characters or otherwise. It’s gonna be about what I wish all the games had, or I wish it was universal for Otomobage.

One of the things is that for ingame currency they all gave 20-30 for greeting+commenting, because some give 10 and it’s honestly hard to raise it when they ask for a lot. I understand they’re trying to make money, but there are games that give 20-30 and it still works for them ( ̄^ ̄)

Speaking of ingame currency, I sure wish there was a Greet All and Comment All button on the social part. I actually spend more time greeting and sending comments to amass ingame currency than actually playing with 5 tickets (^_^;)

Another thing is that they all have BGM/sound effects, it’s weird playing some that…

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