I’ve Rewatched These Anime A Bunch Of Times, And They Never Get Old – Thirty Day Anime Challenge {DAY FOURTEEN}

There are three anime that I love to rewatch all the time.

Soul Eater


This one is definitely one of my favorites. I can start watching this at any point in the series, and immediately know what’s going on. After watching it so many times, I feel like I know the Soul Eater plot like the back of my hand.

Fairy Tail


Again, I can start anywhere in the series and know what’s happening. Fairy Tail has so many arcs that I can’t possibly remember by heart. So whenever I rewatch the series, it’s like I’m seeing it all for the first time.

Ouran High School Host Club


I could sit at home and rewatch this series ALL DAY LONG. Ouran High School Host Club has got to be one of the most hilarious and outrageous anime I’ve ever seen. The characters are awesome, and it’s just so fun to watch the series over and over.

This was Day Fourteen of the Thirty Day Anime Challenge. Check back in tomorrow for Day Fifteen!



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