HAPPY BIRTHDAY ICHIGO – Who Do You Ship Ichigo Kurosaki With?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ICHIGO KUROSAKI! To celebrate, I have a little surprise for you guys. Ichigo is from the anime Bleach. Although there are quite a few female (and male) characters, we still haven’t gotten an answer as to who Ichigo will end up with. There are mainly two sides the this shipping war: Ichigo x Rukia and Ichigo x Orihime. Personally, I more of a Rukia fan. But that’s just my opinion. For this post, I gathered the best defenses for each side and have decided to let you guys choose. Who really is the best person for Ichigo? Time to find out.

Team Rukia Says…

LidiaIsabel said:

Rukia is, without a doubt, the chosen one.

They are pure chemistry, they share deep thoughts towards the other, they can understand each other without words, they trust one another blindly, they even changed the other’s world…

You think Orihime can make Ichigo happy or that she made the great deal by “bringing him back to life”? Let me get this clear for you. When she baby-cried dead Ichigo (besides showing her lack of determination and courage) she messed it up for him. It clearly shows how selfish and careless she is, specially with “the person she loves the most” as most of you say. She turned Ichigo into a monster, something he really disliked and made him hate himself for having hurt Uryu and dishonoured Ulquiorra (he was in shock when he returned and saw what “he” had done). Instead of being useful, Orihime only disturbed Ichigo. This I’ve said is not made with the purpose of bashing Orihime, but to show who is the rain in this story. Also remember that Tensa Zangetsu told Ichigo in his inner world (when he was training to get Final Getsuga Tenshou and beat Aizen) that even though the rain had stopped pouring (Ichigo himself said that it was because of Rukia!!♥), now his world was flooded because he left his inner hollow go out (that because of Orihime).
So if Orihime=rain, and rain brings Ichigo down (it’s not good for him)…there’s something that doesn’t suit in this story…mmm…So do you still think that is a strong IH point?

As of Rukia, Ichigo himself have said that she changed his world, that she made the rain stop for him and he asked himself if he could keep with the speed of the world without her…all those thoughts are clear proof that he needs her, he may not be obvious neither romantic, but when she’s not there he really misses her. Kubo has highlighted that point, he has shown the change in Ichigo’s mood before and after Rukia’s return, he makes Ichigo puts epic dummy faces when he sees her (not I say, but Ikkaku…see it?). If it weren’t important, then there was no need to put that dialogue between Ichigo and Keigo in Fullbring, that’s what we Ichiruki fans call unnecessary unless it’s ichiruki…see that’s a way to highlight this development.

Rukia always cheers Ichigo up. She is the only one able to make the sun shine after the most devious storm.

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Team Orihime Says…

NaruHina711 said:

I believe it is Orihime. I mean the love is there. And I can also see this similar to Naruto and Hinata. Remember, up to the point Hinata confesses, Hinata’s love was one sided. But once she confessed, it all began falling into place. Whose to say it won’t happen with Ichigo and Orihime? I mean look at it this way, ever since the Soul Society arc, Rukia hardly been in the World of the Living spending time with Ichigo. In fact, each time she comes, she comes with Renji meaning there is something between them in some way. Orihime is there for Ichigo. Yes, people will say she can’t go to the SS like Rukia can. If Orihime had the choice, she would stay by Ichigo’s side regardless. And like someone said, all Orihime have to do is confess when Ichigo is awake. I have nothing against IchiRuki, its just I see IchiHime more. In Ichigo’s fight against Grimmjow, the second Orihime spoke up (after Nel told her why Ichigo is doing what he is doing) the fight tipped into Ichigo’s favor. And when Ichigo heard her voice, he went full hollow and utterly destroyed Ulquiorra. And the fact that Orihime can find Ichigo no matter where he may be is also amazing. Ichigo went against the Head Captains orders also to just go save Orihime. heck, he even notice the small trace of Spiritual Energy left by Orihime that probably would’ve went unnoticed by others.
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Team Neither Says…

chucker44 said:

Okay, okay, I’ll answer. I’m not going to try and provide any sorts of “canon” excuses, because what’s canon isn’t really of great importance to me. These are just my views on the subject.

I don’t seriously ship either pairing. In fact, I don’t ship either at all. But I have developed views on them.

In my opinion, Rukia and Ichigo’s relationship is very…complex. I don’t view them as just close friends, but I can’t view them in any sort of romance dynamic either. In my opinion, Rukia has a love for Ichigo. And Ichigo has a love for Rukia. But the two “love”s are completely separate. They don’t “love each other”, in terms of mutually expressing endearment to one another. It’s more of a kind of sense of respect and deep friendship. Love doesn’t just have to describe romantic and swoony feelings. People love their friends and love their families, and the feelings are all very different, but they’re still love. So there’s nothing stopping me from saying that Ichigo could love Rukia and vice versa. But that doesn’t mean I would be overjoyed if they suddenly became boyfwiend and girlfwiend. I think their relationship is completely different than that, and suddenly being in that kind of a situation would change their dynamic entirely. And not necessarily for the good. As far as love goes, I think they’re pretty well off right now, without needing a label like “lovers”. Their relationship is almost deeper because of this.

As for Ichigo and Orhime, well, I haven’t given as much thought to that. I actually do ship Ulquihime, regardless of canon or not, because I believe that after long enough Ulquiorra could bring out a more mature and serious side to Orihime, and she could bring out some feelings in him. Because of this, I’m probably not going to suddenly fall in love with Ichihime. But I’m not going to try and tell you that it’s real because Ulqui wrote a poem and then they reached for each other’s hands.

We all know that Orihime loves Ichigo. So at the very least it’s a one sided relationship. As far as Ichigo, it seems he has little knowledge of her feeling for him, and if anything his gentleness towards her is because she’s so delicate around him. If she and Rukia suddenly swapped personalities, I’m not sure if he would treat Rukia the same way as he treats Orihime, but he would without a doubt in my mind treat Orihime the same as he outwardly treats Rukia. Sarcastic and teasing. As for which of them he’s closer to, I’d probably say Rukia, just based on normal human emotions. He’s only really started talking to Orihime after Rukia showed up, but during their knowing each other he went through a lot more with Rukia than he did with Orihime. It would only be natural for him to feel closer to her.

So all in all, and this is getting pretty long so I should probably wrap it up, I’d say he’s closer to Rukia, but I wouldn’t call them “in love”, and I can’t see Ichigo entering a romantic relationship with either of them any time soon.

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So yeah, each team poses pretty good points. What do you guys think?


10 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ICHIGO – Who Do You Ship Ichigo Kurosaki With?

  1. Honestly I’m more of a Rukia bias, but I can see why people love Orihime. I used to be super critical of Orihime, but then I re-watched Bleach and realized she is an amazing character with so much development and I keep forgetting these characters are only teenagers, essentially. As for Rukia, I think she’s really scarred after the whole Kaien senpai thing and I simply think she’s not ready to be romantically invested in someone, neither is Ichigo. Sorry for ranting but I have so much pent up emotions for Bleach O_O And as cliche as it may sound, as long as Ichigo ends up happy, that’s all that matters.

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  2. Happy birthday to this substitute Soul Reaper! If I had to choose, I would pick Ichigo x Rukia. These two were really close in the beginning of the series and Ichigo even fought against the Soul Society to save her.
    I also want to say neither. Ichigo doesn’t seem like the guy to fall in love. He respects Orihime and Rukia but he doesn’t go as far to showing more of his romantic side. I wonder if Tite Kubo will answer the questions for the ships. I know in Naruto, Kishimoto took care of the Naruto and Hinata ship in the movie.

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      1. Yeah same here. These two seem to be real close and I feel like Rukia knows a little bit more of Ichigo than Orihime. Maybe Tite Kubo will introduce love in the last minute or plan a movie about Ichigo finding love, like Naruto. XD

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  3. Honestly, I don’t think Ichigo has ever been in the head space for a romantic relationsihp. He’s too driven internally. He needs both Rukia and Orihime in his life but not necessarily for love. Rukia gives him strength and when that fails, she gives him a good kick to get him moving. Orihime is the emotional support and a reason to get stronger but it’s difficult to say if that would ever be enough to begin a romance.

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