Anime Expo – DAY FOUR

Today was the last day of Anime Expo. Here’s how we spent it!

How we Spent the Day

We actually didn’t go to any events today. Instead, we visited the Exhibit Hall and Artist Alley. Our goal was to take advantage of all of the last day discounts. And boy, did we succeed! I was able to purchase a huge sketchbook, some hand-drawn anime postcards, and some cute little buttons for a low price. So yeah, that’s pretty much it.


Sorry, no pictures today. Although there were many awesome cosplayers, I was too lazy to pull my phone out of my bag.


Now some of you might wonder why I’m only blogging about my personal experiences and feelings. Shouldn’t I be talking about my companion’s experiences too?

The answer is no. Now, how can I explain this without sounding like an ass?

giphy (1)

Ah, screw it.

This is MY blog, so I’m going to blog about ME.

Friend-chan accepts this, and you should too.

Haha, totally kidding by the way.

See Ya Next Year!

This year’s Anime Expo was a truly awesome experience. Can’t wait until next time. Ciao my lovelies, and see you next year!


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