Anime Expo – DAY THREE

Today was day three of Anime Expo. Here’s what happened.


The lines were way shorter than last time. I spent about an hour in line drawing while waiting for the doors to open.

Wandering Through the Artist Gallery

We visited the artist gallery today. All of the artists were so talented, and I felt the need to pick up everyone’s business cards. No, seriously. I have about 50 business cards in my bag right now.

I saw a particular booth that I really liked. The ladies there were selling prints of two of my favorite bishies, so I bought them.

Because it was a buy-two-get-one-free deal, I took that opportunity to pick a print of Starfire as my free item.

Nothing Much After That…

All of the events planned for today were AMV showings, so we stayed in the same room for the whole day. We watched many different genres of AMVs , and all of them were awesome. Here’s one of today’s favorites:

Just as we were Leaving…

A dance party broke out in the hall. It was really cool, so I took a couple of videos.

That’s All, Folks!

I took a few cosplay pictures, and then we went home for the day. My favorite cosplays are below.



Like what you see? Let me know what you think!

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