Anime Expo – DAY TWO

Today was my second day attending Anime Expo. Here’s my thoughts on today’s convention!


We got there super early and only had to wait about an hour before the doors opened. Because we were towards the front of the line, it was much easier to get inside and move around.

The First Couple of Hours

My friend and I got inside the doors at about 8:20. Our first event didn’t start until 10:00, so we had about two hours to spare. At first we walked around looking for something to do. Then we got lazy and decided to visit the cafeteria for a little nap. Yes, we slept in the cafeteria.

About Two Hours Later…

My friend woke me up and we started making our way towards the AMV Showcase. Along the way, we stopped to take pictures of some very talented cosplayers.

When we finally got to the showcase, we were seated very quickly. The AMVs were even better than yesterday’s. Some were joyful and funny, others were heartbreaking. But they all told a story. I really liked that.
Here’s my favorite one:

After that…

We had a lineup of anime showings to go to. The first one was Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair). I loved this series and was excited to rewatch the first three episodes. Unfortunately the staff accidentally misplaced the disk and put on episodes 13-15 instead. Despite that, it was still pretty cool to watch.

Next was Ouran High School Host Club. Because this anime is one of my all time favorites, I was extremely excited to watch it again.

The room was packed, and there was hardly anywhere to sit. I found it both heartwarming and slightly annoying when the other people in the audience began singing along to the opening and speaking in tune with the script. Although the atmosphere was pretty cool at first, it quickly got irksome. People would laugh loudly at every line (I understand it’s a funny show, but really?) and would often talk over the anime so loud, it got to the point where I couldn’t hear what the characters were saying. I have to say, it wasn’t my favorite experience, but it was fun nonetheless.


I totally forgot what we ate. Pretty sure it was good though.

Back to Business

After lunch, we went right back to our line up. The next show we were scheduled to watch was Samurai Champloo, another of my favorites.

I hadn’t seen this particular anime in a while, so it was refreshing to see the first three episodes again.

In the Exhibit Hall

By time we were finished with Samurai Champloo, the exhibit hall was already open. I took this chance to check out some of the booths I had missed yesterday.

I had planned to get autographs from the youtubers at the Akibento booth, but the line was too long (I am not a patient person), so I decided to keep looking around.

Eventually, I found a booth that was selling art supplies. So I kind of spent half my budget on brush-tip watercolor markers. I know, I’m terrible with money.

And Then…

After fighting through hoards of people to exit the exhibit hall, we went to go see yet another anime showing. This time, it was Baccano!

I actually hadn’t seen much of this one, but I heard it was good and decided to give it a try.

Baccano! was actually pretty cool. I like how everything was connected together, and I adored characters Issac and Maria because they were funny and dramatic (also because we watched the dubbed version and I LIVE for that J. Michael Tatum / Caitlin Glass combo).

When that was Over…

My friend and I rushed over to Octopimp’s panel, only to find that the room had been filled about an hour prior to our arrival. Luckily for us, Octopimp arrived shortly after we did and let me take a short picture with himself and Takahata101 before we went inside. Yeah, so that was fun.


And Then We Left.

We took a few more pictures and left the convention. Today was a pretty good day! We got to attend most of our events and had a blast checking out the different cosplays. Here are some of my favorites:

Yeah, so it’s kinda late and I need some beauty sleep (cause I’m super ugly). Gotta stop typing now!


I found Pink Guy!


Whoever made this is seriously awesome.

Alright. Seriously, I’m gonna go.




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