Anime Expo – DAY ONE

Today was the opening day of Anime Expo. Because it was my first time attending such an event, I decided to blog about my experience.

I apologize in advance for the somewhat blurry pictures. My camera broke, so I had to use my phone.

The Lines

My companion and I forgot to get our badges the night before, so we gladly waited 30 minutes in line to receive them. I was surprised that the waiting time was so short.


And then we saw the line to actually get into the building…


Yeah, it was super long. We waited about 2 hours just to get about 2 lines from where we started. I have to admit, it was pretty frustrating, but the wait gave me plenty of time to check out other cosplayers and take a few pictures with them.



It was about an hour and a half into our two hour wait when my friend and I found something. There was another line at the main entrance, and it was WAY shorter than the one we were currently in! After that we immediately hopped out of line and ran to the other one, where we were able to get inside after only ten minutes.

When I Got There…

While entering, there was a bag check for people carrying cargo. The man doing the checking was very nice and asked everyone to name an anime. I said Inuyasha (because I was wearing a Sesshomaru shirt at the time) and my friend gave a totally different answer. Apparently, she couldn’t think of anything at the time (that’s what she told me afterwards) and decided to go with RWBY. This was after a thirty second pause, of course.

Because we got in later than expected, my friend and I had to rush to catch the AMV Showcase. The showcase itself was pretty awesome, but I was mostly focused on trying to keep my companion awake at the moment.

I was actually able to find my favorite AMV on Youtube!

After That…

Afterwards, we had two hours of free time before our next event. We spent the first hour walking around and taking more pictures.


That was when we ran into four of my favorite anime youtubers. This included akidearest, Lost Pause, The Anime Man, and Misty Chronexia. They were really chill and offered to take a picture with me. I laughed so hard while we were posing for the picture because Noble made a comment about “getting tentacled” after Aki wrapped Tentacle-sama around my neck. I was also happy to find that there was finally someone shorter than me (Aki).


When we were Done with That…

My friend and I decided to raid the cafeteria. The food was really great, and I finally got the chance to try some of that carbonated melon-flavored juice ( I forgot what it was called). I wanted to buy some Pocky (cause I love Pocky), but my friend convinced me that the small box of biscuit sticks was worth way less than five bucks. So we continued eating our lunch, my friend satisfied, while I was left pocky-less.

We did see a lot of awesome cosplayers while eating though. Someone dressed as Kaneki Ken was sitting not too far from us.


However, what interested me most was the man cosplaying as Trafalgar Law. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a HUGE Law fangirl. That being said, I couldn’t help but ask the man for a picture. He was really cool about it and even did an epic pose to go along with his realistic cosplay.

No, he’s not flipping me off.

After we Finished Eating…

We still had a bit more free time. After walking around a bit more, we headed back upstairs to participate in the AMV Gameshow. It was so much fun! The host was very funny and gave all of the contestants nicknames. However, I did not expect to become a contestant. I forgot the exact question that he asked the audience, but when I replied with ” Tamaki Suoh”, the host called me up to be in the game.


It was way more fun playing the game with others than watching it. And even though I didn’t win (I got third place), I still received a prize. The first and second place winners got first pick, so I ended up with a DVD version of the Initial D dub.


I was actually very elated because that very prize was the one that I was hoping to get. Can’t wait to watch it!

While Wandering Amongst the Hallways…

We were done with the gameshow and decided to travel in the general direction of the exhibit hall. While doing so, I got this Twitter notification.

Nate and Amanda are both extremely talented musicians and their anime covers are like my daily dose of caffeine. And to think this happened just as we were passing, well, Room 152.

I got extremely excited and ran down to ask them for a picture. They were really kind and asked me my name! It was really awesome to finally see them in person.


Literally twenty seconds after I thanked them and left, I realized that I had forgot to ask for autographs. So I ran back. They were still very cheerful and kind enough to sign for me.20160701_231753.jpg


Our Trip to the Exhibit Hall

Throughout the day, we had spent some of our free time looking for the exhibit hall. After we finished the gameshow, we were finally able to find it. We only got to look around a bit, because my feet were tired and I was getting ready to call it a day. That’s when I saw it. Inside one of the booths was a Rin Matsuoka body pillow.

Not the actual pillow. I haven’t taken mine out of the plastic yet.

Although I may or may not have regretted it later, I immediately bought it. Bad habit, I know. It was just too tempting to resist. And now I’m sitting at home typing on my computer while my new source of fanservice sits beside me.

The End…For Now

I guess the two hours in line really put a number on me, because by 5:30 we were ready to go. Although I am sad to have missed the opening ceremony and the karaoke events that were planned, I’m happy I got a chance to go home, relax, and prepare for another day of festivities.




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