HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENSHIN – How to Cosplay As Kenshin Himura

Kenshin is one of my favorite anime characters, so I HAD to do this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENSHIN! To celebrate his birthday, I  searched the web for some tips on how to cosplay as Kenshin Himura. Here’s what I found on WikiHow:

Things You’ll Need

Red kimono-top and under cloak

Katana (plastic or foam)

Light grey/white pants

Obi belt same color as the kimono-top or the same color as the pants

Red/orange wig

Face paint or marker

Kenshin attitude

Kenshin has red/orange hair which is pulled back into a ponytail.


The easiest way to tackle this is to use a red wig. Even if it’s short, there are synthetic clip-on extensions that you can get online which make getting the wig a lot easier.

He has a sort of kimono-top, much like InuYasha’s Cloak of The Fire Rat.


It’s technically pink, though you could pass off a red (or even blue or black) one in the pink one’s place. If you have an InuYasha cosplay already, just use the top for that, or you can either make it, go thrifting at Goodwill for something like it, or buy it online. Kenshin does have a white under-kimono thing, so keep it in consideration when making/buying the cosplay.

He has white, baggy pants and a white obi belt.


Unfortunately, the odds of finding a white obi belt lying around are very slim, so either use one the color of your top (as the kimono-shirt doesn’t close normally) or make one. For the pants, either have Lady Luck in your favor and find some or buy them. Light grey non-baggy pants work very well too.

When choosing a katana, choose a plastic or foam one.


Foam katanas are very good because they can’t hurt anyone and are great in cosplay fights and cosplay skits because no one runs the risk of having their eye poked out. Plastic katanas are very legit, but may break in cosplay fights and have sharp tips. If you aren’t going to be in a cosplay skit, plastic katanas are cheap and good-looking.

His cheek-scar is in the shape of a cross with the vertical line fairly long (doesn’t touch bottom of face, though) and the horizontal line short on the left side and longer on the right.


You can put it on with face paint, or if you’re in a rush, washable marker.

Kenshin is a kind, calm, forgiving individual.


Though he used to be a manslayer, he has put that behind him and gone on with his life. Even when he fights, he doesn’t kill unless he absolutely has to. (If you know Inuyasha, Kenshin is exactly the opposite of him.) Though Kenshin is forgiving, he will protect those close to him.

Have fun cosplaying!

Want an idea of whose birthday I’m doing next? Check my Otaku Calendar!


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