HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIKE – 5 Things That Make Spike Spiegel Badass

Guess what day it is! It’s our favorite space cowboy’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIKE! Because he’s a truly awesome character, here’s five things that make Spike Spiegel the badass that we know and love.

He Smokes


Come on. Although there are some who don’t, most anime badasses smoke. I guess you can’t be cool if you don’t have a cigarette in your mouth.

His Bromance with Jet


They go together like ketchup and mustard. They’re two peas in a pod. Or something like that.

His Hair


Admit it. That hair is pretty damn cool. Like many anime hairstyles, it just defies gravity.

His Fashion Sense


To match the awesome hair, Spike also has his own equally awesome style. Not many guys can pull off a suit like that.

He’s a Space Cowboy


That’s one of the most badass titles out there! Spike has the western attitude and  old-fashioned persona of a cowboy. Despite this, he’s still able to thrive in a world ruled by space travel and technology.

Want an idea of whose birthday I’m doing next? Check my Otaku Calendar!


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