Eight Inspirational LGBTQ Anime Couples

This post was written in response to the Orlando shooting in which 50 people were murdered and 53 were left in critical condition. As I stated in an earlier tweet, I find it utterly DISGUSTING to hurt innocent people just for being themselves. In honor of those affected by the incident and LGBT month, here’s a list to cheer you guys up and promote LGBT awareness.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune (Haruka and Michiru) – Sailor Moon


Although their relationship was censored in the dub, these two were some of the first mainstream lesbian heroes in anime. This couple inspired many directors and writers to further explore “queer” themes in anime.

Ryouma and Izumi – Love Stage!!maxresdefault (4)

At first glance, one might think that this romance is an ordinary boy-girl relationship. Nope. The “girl” on the right is actually a guy. Despite the fact that they are both guys and that his significant other occasionally dresses as a girl, Ryouma still finds himself in love with Izumi. Ryouma and Izumi’s relationship is inspirational because it not only portrays a homosexual relationship, but also one with themes of transexuality.

Utena and Anthy – Revolutionary Girl UtenaShoujo.Kakumei.Utena.full.1636950

These two characters (and pretty much every other character in their show) defy expectations of being heterosexual. The romance between Utena and Anthy sends the message that “Prince Charming” doesn’t necessarily have to be a guy.

Shinji and Kaworu – Neon Genesis EvangelionNeon.Genesis.Evangelion.600.1356417

This couple is one of the most popular of its kind in the sci-fi genre of anime. Although Kaworu only appeared in one episode, boy did he make an impression. These two are absolutely inspirational because they inspired other writers to further expand upon the idea of homosexuality in sci-fi anime.

Ranka and Kotoko – Ouran High School Host ClubKotoko_ryoji

Although their relationship is barely touched upon in the anime, the romance between Ranka and Kotoko is truly inspirational. In the series, Ranka was described as a transvestite. Despite this, Kotoko loved him and supported his lifestyle. They even had a kid together (our lovely little Haruhi-chan). Their relationship shows themes about loving people for who they are.

Korra and Asami – The Legend of Korratumblr_nkpnavx7T61rptk5lo2_500

Okay, so The Legend of Korra may or may not be anime. It’s debatable. Whatever. However, I thought this couple still deserved a shoutout. Similar to Sailor Moon, this show was one of the first mainstream “children’s” shows to portray themes of homosexuality between girls. Because of this, Korra and Asami are definitely inspirational.

Toya and Yukito – Cardcaptor Sakurabc5a752c211f97368d62f4af85df2424

CLAMP is known for their yaoi couples (and doujinshi) so this couple really shouldn’t be a surprise to you guys. Toya and Yukito are inspirational and their romance portrays open sexuality in the fantasy genre of anime.

And A Very Honorable Mention…

Pico and all of his “friends” – Boku no Pico'

I know, I’m terrible. But technically, this relationship is somewhat inspiring. Pico’s openness about his sexuality is certainly admirable, along with his courage to be a transvestite. Pico and his sexual adventures (yes, that’s what we’re calling it) send the message that people should be unafraid to love anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, or lifestyle. Apparently, age isn’t a problem either. Ugh.

Let’s just forget about this one…



15 thoughts on “Eight Inspirational LGBTQ Anime Couples

  1. This is amazing. I haven’t seen most of this (Only Ouran), but LGBT+ is important! It’s an important topic in this day and age. And I’m happy anime is starting to represent. (Not that it has a lot of transgender characters, but there is progress.) And I’ll definitely check out some of these. (I’ve been meaning to get to Revolutionary Girl Utena, but you know how that is. I MEAN to but no time and no energy.)
    Awesome post!

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  2. Excellent post! I love it! Indeed, the Orlando shooting was a horrible tragedy. People need to accept that the LGBTQ community are deserving of the same human rights as the rest of us. I’m straight but I have big respect for people in this community as I grew up surrounded by gay people as my honourary “aunts”. My mom and her sisters’ best friends are mostly gay people. Now moving on to your post, love it! Kudos to you for writing this. I find myself reading a lot of BL manga recently. There are a lot of really good BL manga out there. Phew. (fans myself)
    Anyway, I really like that you included Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus here. I watched the English dub as a kid, so I didn’t know about them until after I watched it in original Japanese. Keep it up. Cheers!

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  3. A veryvgoodbpost. I was particularly happy to see Sailor Moon, Legebd of Korra and Cardcaptor Sakura in there, as those particular pairings are among my favourites. While manga and mit anime, I would also recommendethe leads in Octave. They’re a remarkably realistic couple.
    Korra I think is particularly important too due to the target age range. Had I had something similar when I was younger, it may have been far easier for me to cowme to terms with my own identity.
    Again, good stuff.

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      1. Personally, I like it. As I said, it’s a manga, but I don’t it has an official Western release unfortunately, so viewing it will depend on either your Japanese reading skills or your view on scanlations.
        As a run down though, a failed idol (Yukino) is working in a managerial role for upcoming idols when she has a chance meeting in a laundrette with a singer songwriter (Setsuko). The two start a romance, and it builds at a deliberately slow pace. Yukino has never considered dating a woman before, and she does end up suffering some discrimination as a result, but they’re lovely together. Both characters being slightly older (20s rather than teens) was a nice touch too.
        I would say hough that it is very slow moving and even goes through some of the mundane things you’d find in life, but that just added to the realism for me. There are some slightly more explicit scenes though. It doesn’t show everything, so to speak, but it doesn’t really try to hide what’s going on either.

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  4. /ignores Pico
    I love all these anime’s, and I’ve watched all of them, and I agree! (≧∇≦)/
    We need more shows like these, and lovely to see more awareness be brought to these series~ (●♡∀♡)

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  5. Awesome post! As an lgbt anime lover it always lifts my spirits to see a well-represented gay couple in anime :3c One I would suggest is Nezumi and Shion from no.6 – their relationship and struggles are realistic and portrayed with the respect usually reserved for straight couples.

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