Manga Chapter Monday

The manga selected this week was Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Ookami by Mito Hitomi.

Genres : Comedy / Drama / Romance / Slice Of Life / Yaoi


“I think I fell in love with you, Onii-san…” Tanaka is your average salaryman, who’s never had a girlfriend. One night, as he’s walking through a park on his way home, he’s about to get assaulted when a young punk named Kira comes to his rescue. Tanaka wants to thank the young man for saving him, but Kira only wants compensation… from his body! Shocked to have been robbed of his first time, Tanaka wants to forget it all, but Kira seems to have taken a liking to him and waits for him every night on his path home, like a dog waiting for its master… Will the lamb let it itself be moved by the wolf?

My Review

If you can’t tell by the cover, I will be reviewing a yaoi manga this week. Yay!

So basically the main character, Tanaka decides to take a shortcut home one night. It turns out that this “shortcut” is a spot known for gay meetings. At the beginning of the chapter, I immediately got the feeling that Tanaka was kind of naive. The chapter starts out with smut (no complaints here). Tanaka ends up getting sexually assaulted by the guy who saves him from getting sexually assaulted. Well, that makes sense. After Tanaka and Kira are done, Kira basically tells Tanaka that he’s fallen in love with him. How you can immediately fall in love with someone after sexually assaulting them, I don’t know. However, I do know that I felt some major Junjou Romantica vibes there. And to top it all off, Tanaka falls in love with Kira too. Wow. I was also suprised that Kira calls Tanaka “onii-san”. Brother complex, maybe?

Look, I’m a huge fujoshi. However, that doesn’t mean I condone rape or sexual assault. In the first chapter of this manga, I saw a lot of that. But who knows, it might end up being very plotty and interesting! With that said, I here’s my rating for this one:


4 out of 10 Pink Cupcakes

If there’s any manga series you guys think I should do, feel free to let me know! See ya again next week for Manga Chapter Monday!


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