Autumn in the City of Angels – Kirby Howell {BOOK REVIEW}



What would you do if you lived through the apocalypse? The real fight to survive comes after everyone else is gone.

A plague of epic proportion sweeps the globe, leaving less than one percent of the world’s population immune. Among the living is Autumn Winters, the teenage daughter of a famous actress. When Autumn’s parents don’t come home and the city is overtaken by a dangerous faction, she goes into hiding with a small group of underground survivors. They’re led by a mysterious young man who harbors an unearthly secret, and with whom Autumn feels a deep connection.

My Review

This book was absolutely extraordinary. The author provided elaborate details and described the setting of the novel very clearly. I found it ironic that the main character’s name was Autumn Winters. As a heroine, Autumn seemed too dramatic at times, but I felt that it was necessary, given the situation she was in. I also like how the author incorporated romance into the plot. However, I felt like the romantic relationship between Autumn and Grey moved a bit too fast. My problem with this was somewhat solved when Grey reveals a secret that creates a rift between Autumn and himself. Overall, this book was great and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.


  8 out of 10 Pink Cupcakes

About the AuthorMedium KH Pic.jpg

Dana Melton and Jessica Alexander, who write under the name Kirby Howell, have been writing together since 2000 when they met as freshman in their first script writing class at the University of Alabama. Dana, a native Southerner, quickly showed Jessica the ropes and the joys of living below the Mason Dixon Line. Having lived in nearly every other part of the country, it didn’t take Jessica long to acclimate to sweet tea, grits and football. Four years later, with a couple of film degrees under their belts, they moved to Los Angeles to pursue their professional writing careers.

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